Talent idea

Moral priority, post matching, due diligence, teamwork.

  • 01. Moral character first: the first of moral character, the second of ability is the standard of appointment, "there is virtue and no talent, its virtue is available, there is virtue, it should be reused, there is no virtue, it is difficult to use."
  • 02. Job matching: each post has its own professional requirements. If a suitable person is placed in the right place, he is the talent, so that he can give full play to his role.
  • 03. Due diligence: a high sense of responsibility for work, integrity, conscientiousness, dedication, innovation and excellence.
  • 04. Teamwork: a drop of water is small, and it will be magnificent if it is merged into the sea. A grain of earth is slight, and the mountain can be magnificent. Personal strength is weak, but he depends on a good team and can grow to success as the team grows.
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